M+W Fine Art

Defining a new contemporary fine art brand and creating an engaging online experience.

When we decided it was time to bring the original artwork we’ve been creating as an artist duo directly to private and commercial collectors online, we chose to become our own client. M+W Fine Art is the brand identity we developed for our new fine art venture. And mplusw.art is the online gallery and e-tail store that we designed and engineered for it.

The first step was to create a brand identity that would capture the spirit of our artwork and our intention for our new venture. Modern, bold, clean, and elegant were the overarching easthetics that we knew it needed. But to make it intrinsically our own we worked to find an expression of what lies at the core of our creative endeavors, our life together and our relationship. Taking our initials in their simplest, bauhaus inspired form, they are essentially the very same, just coming from different perspectives. Linking the two is a positive bond filled with excitement and optimism. This arrangement of elements creates harmony and balance, with a lively energy at the center. It has the mininalist approach that underscores our abstract artwork. And the choice of a plus sign rather than the word “and” additionally signals that our art is intended to add in a positive way to the collectors experience and lived environment.


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