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Bigbang is an independently owned, creative led brand and design consultancy founded in 1997 in New York. We design with passion, intelligence, authenticity and commitment. Because we love what the power of design can do.


The partners at bigbang bring decades of design and business experience to our work. They assemble and lead teams tailored to each project, are the primary contact for clients, and participate in the creative and strategic work we produce.

We believe the most successful work is done in an open atmosphere of collaboration and exploration, where everyone is encouraged to bring their best to the table. This also allows us and our clients to enjoy the journey as well as the results.

Maryann Berté

Founding Partner | Creative Director

Since founding bigbang, Maryann has directed a wide array of projects for prominent clients such as Disney, Proctor & Gamble, Viacom, Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon to name a few. In addition to her creative expertise, she is known for her capacity to integrate diverse view points to help clients solve business challenges and meet project goals. She is motivated by the joy of creative exploration, the power of good design, and the satisfaction of problem solving.

Wolfgang Schwarz

Founding Partner | Strategy Director

Wolfgang manages business operations and directs strategy at bigbang. He has helped ensure the success of a wide variety of projects for clients such as Procter & Gamble, DC Comics, Disney, Gillette, General Mills, and others. He also guides the technological aspect of our creative business. In addition to his technical prowess, he is valued for his ability to see the big picture and build consensus toward successful solutions.


We employ a broad range of creative and strategic services to solve brand and business challenges.

We produce solutions that are integrated across platforms from print, to digital, to physical media.

In collaboration with trusted colleagues in the symbologie. group, we can expand the scope of services we bring to projects to include digital engineering, film and motion design, architecture and events.








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Our focus with every project, no matter what scale or scope, is to help clients harness the power of design. That means we go beyond producing work that is esthetically successful — we craft bespoke solutions that are meaningful, impactful, and inspire positive action.

This is how me make it happen...



We listen, research, and discover. We learn about our client, their culture, their audience, and the context of the challenge they bring us.



We evaluate, ideate and stategize. Looking for insights and unique opportunities, we develop a meaningful plan of action.



We explore, design and iterate. This is where craft meets concept, and the creative imagination and design expertise of our team bring the ideas to life.



We review, learn and optimize. We follow up. It helps us evolve and improve performance. And it gives us the pleasure of watching our clients succeed.


Our clients run the gamut in size from global corporations, to start-ups, to individual artists. They span industries from business, to entertainment, to culture and more.

Yet they all share a few things in common. They are passionate about what they do, understand the importance of collaboration, and value the role design plays in the success of every endeavor.

We share those views and are proud to join forces with our clients to make good things happen.

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